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16 March 2007




About time you were famous-remember I was here at the start! First groupie status, Chris-too late- you didn't write.
I tried this once when I was in my teens- didn't know about the brushing or anything, so I came under, how shall we say-social pressure?-from family members to use the bloody shampoo. I do a lot of scuba/swimming etc now so not sure if it would work.


Not sure how it would work alright with all the swimming etc. I've been swimming the odd time and it didn't seem to affect it. Could be worth a try, you could have a wig on hand for dodgy days!!

Rebecca (living sustainably in rural Ireland)

I'm about to start using my own shampoo I'm going to make from soapwort growing in my garden!

I don't use soap on my face either, therefore no need for moisturisers either!


Hi all

Congratulations on discovering non shampoo hair washing. I stopped washing my hair a long time ago and have never looked back.

For those of you that swim in any kind of water, inc swimming pools and / or scuba dive, dont worry you dont need to wash your hair. Nothing scary or stinky will happen. If you've been in chlorine or dirty water just give your hair a jolly good rinsing in clean water when you get a chance.


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My partner (sadly no longer with us )didn't wash his hair in anything but water for several years having the theory that shampoo upset the natural balance of the hair and scalp. His hair was quite long thick and wavy ,it always looked nice and didn't smell .He persuaded me to try it but it didn't suit my hair ,which is fine and tends to be greasy.


I stopped using shampoo 2 months ago and my hair has never looked better. My hair used to get super greasy, super fast but no more now that I have given up the shampoo. Now my scalp does not produce excess oil and I've been getting a ton of comments on just how great my hair looks.

My understanding of brushing it a ton each day is to spread the oils along the hair shaft. I rinse my hair with warm water each time I shower and do a baking soda scrub about once a month. If you want to do more research on this, Google "no poo method". There are actually a ton of people out there who have discovered the benefits of this.

So now I am on to mother nature's simple beauty and cleansing secret.....water! I have given up shampoo, conditioner, soap and moisturizer. It saves me money, is great for the environment (we have a greywater garden) and has brought my hair/skin back to a state of balance.

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