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  • I started this blog to share some of the simple ideas that we have had in our attempts to be a little bit more sustainable in our Irish suburban house and small garden. We grow vegetables, fruit, re-use old stuff everywhere and more.

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19 March 2007



Yo yo...in terms in reusing etc, you and yer interested readers should look up websites for organised 'skipping' or 'dumpster diving' as they call it in the States. In certain cities folks get together and go looking for stuff, as sometimes I feel a little embarrased about doing it on my own, but it's more fun in a group. In a squat I stayed in in The Hague some years ago, all the food the had was got from skipping...now there was 2 ways...first was less disgusting in that they asked smaller shops which had to throw stuff out on the best before date, if they could keep stuff for them, and the squat folks would collect it, so it was never put in the general bin. Second was from big skips outside big shopping centres. Only wrapped up food was obviously picked up, and never meat or other animal products much. Fruit and veg and other packaged food was usually grand. Unfortunately many big shopping centres now have covered skips which compress everything, for one coz they don't want people getting the 'wrong' idea about picking up freebies round the back, instead of forking out dosh to ine their pockets, and the front-up excuse is to avoid law suits in case someone gets intoxicated.

I've gone skipping in the big market in Valencia when it's just about to close and there's loads of stuff getting chucked out with small bruises on it. But I still feel a lil self-concious about it. Luckily there's plenty of grannies picking up scraps for their pets, and some immigrants picking up food supplies too.

that's my bit for now! Must start some blog soon...soooo many ideas...or I can just be your side-show Maria and add stuff....actually some folks in Ecotopia this year put together a VAGABOND ENCYCLOPAEDIA, for travelling around on minimum costs,volunteering,couch surfing,hitching,car-sharing etc. will link it up here when they send it to me.

slan go foill!

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