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  • I started this blog to share some of the simple ideas that we have had in our attempts to be a little bit more sustainable in our Irish suburban house and small garden. We grow vegetables, fruit, re-use old stuff everywhere and more.

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03 August 2007



What a useful article. I have an alpine strawberry and have never really know when to pick the strawberries or how to look after it - so your article is just perfect.
Sara from farmingfriends


Your article was very help-ful. I have not been able to find plants so I did get seeds. Now if I get any plants from them I know more about eating and caring for them. Thanks


Glad it was helpful Betty. I'd love to hear how you get on with your seeds as I've never grown strawberries from seeds..good luck


I am really happy with your blog--especially the photos. Although I have already done this project myself, I found the information very helpful. I am head injured and tend to forget the little details, and this really helps refresh my mind.
Thank you,

Gardening Seeds

Thank you very much for the information I really appreciate it!!

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If you r still at this address, I am thanking you for the article on alpine berries. I started from seed in March, and now 3 months and a bit later, I have a potted plant of strawberries. It was a little trying the the very small seeds. I had to plant them on the surface, not covered and keep moist for 2 weeks before they emerged. I plan to try and keep this growing through the winter. No berries yet, but I am patient !
Susan in TN, USA


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Callum George Mapletoft

I grew Alpine strawberries'Baron solemacher' from seed this year with great success, at first i just got the seeds out of the packet and put them on compost and covered them over with a little more compost and left them but nothing happened, so i got some more fresh seeds and put them on wet tissue paper and then in a freezer bag and put them in the freezer for atleast 2 weeks, and then did the same and a few weeks later they germinated just fine...Know i have pricked them out into modules and left them to grow.

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